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A document describing how to use the Alliance Best Practice Library.

Best Practices in Alliance Co-Selling

Slides used during the Best Practices in Alliance Co-Selling Webinar - April 2024

Best Practices in Alliance Sales

A research report from Alliance Best Practice Ltd identifying common success factors in alliance selling.

Downloadable Files

A list of all the files that are downloadable from the Alliance Best Practice website. This list is updated monthly so please bear with us if it is slightly out of date!

The Ultimate Partner Program Guide

Learn how to build a high impact partner program that will deliver speed to value for your customers, and tangible ROI to your business.

Why Trust may Be the New Driver of Enterprise value

Organizations traditionally cultivate trust over time, earning it from different stakeholders as a byproduct of their consistency and transparency. But, in repositioning themselves to adapt to a shifting economic environment, companies may discover the need to embed trust as part of their core foundation, which means fostering, deepening, and monitoring it as they would any other driver of enterprise value.

Why Trust Should Be One of Your KPIs

Many C-suite executives, including CFOs, recognize the need to build or rebuild trust in their organizations. However, they often struggle to understand exactly how trust can be defined, managed, and measured. Indeed, trust is commonly considered an abstract or even nebulous concept, and some organizations don’t prioritize trust or treat it with the same focus and urgency as they do other business priorities. But the potential benefits for those companies that are considered trustworthy can be significant. Recent research suggests that these companies can outperform the S&P 500 by levels as high as 30% to 50%.

Best Practices in GSI Alliances

A list of consistent and recurring best practices in Global System Integrator Alliances.

Ecosystem Value Maps

An explanation of the concept of Ecosystem value maps and their most common uses.

Alliance Excellence Briefing Sheet

An ABP briefing sheet describing the concept of alliance excellence and its value as a model.

Alliance Sales Training

An overview of the VST Alliance Sales Training and how to use it to increase revenue.

Establishing Collaboration as a Corporate Competence

An ABP research paper on the value of establishing collaboration as a corporate competence.

Best Practices in Strategic Alliances

A list of each of the identified 52 best practices in the alliance best practice library with a full explanation of their uses.

VST Briefing Sheet

An ABP briefing sheet describing the value of the VST Alliance Optimisation Methodology.

Alliance Maturity Model

A tool for practitioners to use to assess the maturity of their alliance relationships.

Best Practices in Strategic Alliances

A list of the 52 identified best practices in alliances contained in the alliance best practice database.

Introduction to Alliance Best Practice Ltd

An introduction to Alliance Best Practice Ltd. Who we are. What we do. How we do it. and Who we do it for!
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