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Standing on the shoulders of giants.

What is Alliance Best Practice?

 Alliance Best Practices (ABP) at its core is the biggest collection of best practices for alliances founded with the belief that using best practices in alliances can lead to more efficient and successful outcomes for companies. ABP believes that by following a best practice approach in alliances, companies will make more progress faster and with less risk than a non-best practice approach. This belief has remained unchanged since the company was founded in 2002.

The Alliance Best Practice Vision

"Standing on the shoulders of giants"

Alliance Best Practice Ltd (ABP) was founded on a simple idea.  That best practices in alliances exist and that by following a best practice approach companies will achieve more progress more quickly and with less risk than by following a non best practice approach.​  That vision remains as true today as it did in 2002 when we founded the company. 


We implement that vision in a simple 5 step process as follows


Identify challenges with ABP members.


Check that the problem is a common one.


If it is, research solutions to the problem (Success Factors)



Collate all Success Factors and identify Common Success Factors (CSFs)

Document CSFs for member use.




We can provide a unique and world class alliance benchmarking service to help you judge the performance of your alliances against your competitors.


Sometimes you just need a world class facilitator to run a critical meeting between one or more partners.  Someone who has a deep knowledge of alliance best practices and the skills to be able to help both sides reach satisfying results.


Our associates are experts who have previously run multiple alliance programs for some of the best of the best partnering organisations around.


Our alliance training courses regularly score 4.5+ out of 5.0 in customer satisfaction highlighting: practicality, immediate value, thought leadership and relevance.


Thought Leadership

We built our reputation on world class, objective and rigorous research into various aspects of alliance best practices.  We can do the same for you delivering key insights that will save many days or weeks of wasted resource.

Having written two book on the subject we know how important strategic alliances are to business growth whether you are a 'David' or 'Goliath' company collaboration doesn't come easy.

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