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About Alliance Best Practice Ltd

Alliance Best Practice Ltd (ABP) is a research and benchmarking consultancy based in the United Kingdom.  We specialise in discovering developing and deploying alliance best practices to help our clients to maximize the commercial value of their strategic alliance relationships.  We have a comprehensive library of over 150 templates and tools to help clients implement various alliance best practices.  We also offer a benchmarking service so that alliance professionals can compare the performance of their alliances to competitors or industry standards.



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Tel: +44 77 87 15 46 51

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Tel: +44 74 64 92 82 08

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Tel: +44 77 66 22 11 81

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ABP Mission

The ABP Mission is encapsulated in our tagline which is: 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants'.  The original quote (in case you were wondering!) comes from Sir Isaac Newton who is sometimes referred to as the father of modern day science.  His contemporaries labelled him a giant in his field but he was quick to correct them saying: 'If I have seen further than others in my field it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants'.  In other words he built on the best practices and knowledge of his predecessors.  And that's exactly what we have done. 


We don't pretend to be experts in alliances, but what we have done is compile all the best practices that we could find from all the practitioners, consultants and academics who have researched and practiced this area before us and we have collated it all into a comprehensive and integrated alliance best practice framework.  Hence our Mission Statement 'To help our clients optimize the commercial value of their strategic alliances through the use of previously identified alliance best practices'.

Vision Implementation

We implement our vision in a simple and practical way. 


We research our clients and members to identify current alliance challenges.  Having discovered them we test for universality.  In other words we check that the challenge applies generally to the membership rather than just a small sample.  If it does we invite anyone interested in the area to suggest approaches, processes behaviours and skills which have contributed to solutions to the challenge.  We call these things Success Factors.  When we have collected enough Success Factors we then look for commonality and consistency in the long list and we create a shorter list of Common Success Factors (CSFs).  We then retest these CSFs with alliance practitioners (a kind of final sanity check) and if they pass the test then we add them to the alliance best practice database and set about developing templates to help ABP members and clients deploy these newly acquired best practices to solve alliance challenges. 

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