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Latest News

IBM and C&W Team up on Smart Meters

Daimler and Bosch in joint venture

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Telecoms groups team up on procurement

Can Blackberry Bounce Back?


Suzuki asks VW to dissolve alliance

Verizon chief hails Vodafone courtship

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Virgin eyes tie-up with Etihad on BMI

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Nokia Unveils Windows Handsets

Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone group, has launched its first range of Windows handsets aimed at clawing back market share in the crucial battle for smartphone sales. Nokia’s once dominant position

Big Pharma Counts the Cost of R&D

For further details please see the Deloitte Report from the Financial Times at: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/09c29098-137e-11e1-81dd-00144feabdc0.html

AstraZeneca opens door on research

AstraZeneca is to hand over free of charge to external scientists full access to more than 20 experimental drugs on which it has ceased research, in a pioneering effort to boost medical discovery. The

Microsoft and Nissan launch Cloud Partnership

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Yahoo names PayPal executive as chief executive

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China Telecom in UK mobile deal

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Intel and Qualcomm step up chip battle

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Peugeot Citroën open to tie-up with a rival

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Volvo seeks alliance partner

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Car industry has poor history on alliances

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Sage steps back from cloud cuckoo land

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Qantas agrees alliance with Emirates

By Neil Hume in Sydney

Call for business collaboration

David Buttress, managing director, UK, at Just Eat, said: “We’ve uncovered a real culture of collaboration in businesses in the UK. These are the sort of small, ambitious companies that have been

Qatar Airways joins oneworld alliance

Qatar Airways is set to be the first of the fast-expanding Gulf carriers to become a member of one of the global airline alliances, by agreeing to join oneworld.The move is a coup for oneworld, wh

Collaboration: Sharing skills enhances likelihood of success

Universities and non-profit organisations have long expounded the benefits of collaboration in green technology to achieve a common goal but the spread of intercorporate projects has been less widespr

Delta and Virgin set to unveil tie-up

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Alliance Best Practice Granted EPPP Status by ASAP

Alliance Best Practice intends to roll out a series of alliance training courses leading to ASAP certification over the comming months.  Course will include: Beginner, Intermediate and advanced versi