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Introduction Strategic collaborations have existed for many years; some have been formal, others less so.  However, the surge in the number of alliances formed in the last 5 years appears to owe much to the outsourcing trend which has seen companies seek to reduce internal costs (usually by reducing owned resources) whilst at the same […]

Some years ago (probably around 2007) I was talking to an executive in one of my clients (IBM) and he told me they were going to tackle the thorny subject of alliance metrics. We’ve had enough of this double counting nonsense, once and for all we are going to find out how much actual hard […]

I was having an interesting conversation with an alliance executive yesterday. During the conversation I raised the question of an alliance sales system or methodology that her company could follow to increase alliance sales. Her response was: ‘Oh that’s OK Mike we use ABC Company (a well known sales training company). The conversation highlighted a […]

Commonality in business to business alliances is a good thing. Imagine for a second what would happen if you had the following in your alliances: A common understanding of the current situation, challenges and opportunities facing both / all parties to the alliance. Common agreement as to where both sides need to go to achieve […]

This article answers the following questions: Why is this topic important now? What is the difference between an alliance sale and other forms of sales? What is a working definition of an alliance sale and why is it important to be clear on an organisational definition? What are some examples of successful alliance sales? How […]

None of us likes to think that our alliance partners might desert us in favour of one of our competitors but a recent entry in an annual statement from a large global software company suggests that the risk is real and might be closer than you think. The statement and supporting commentary came in the […]

Topics covered in this Partner of Choice (POC) article: Background – Why is POC important? Emergence – Where has it come from? Progression – Where is it going? Status – How does your company match up? Commercial Benefits – What return can you expect? References – Who has contributed to this article? Average Reading Time […]

Reading time for this article is less than three minutes Twenty five years ago Stephen R Covey wrote a seminal book on the essential characteristics of effective people. He called his book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. Twenty five years later the principles hold good for effective alliances. Habit Number 1 – Be […]

Strategic alliances provide organisations with an alternative approach to deliver growth and shareholder value than either organic or acquisition led growth. A successful strategic alliance can enable a company to grow faster and more profitably through leveraging the strengths of one or more alliance partner compared to just going it alone. Alliances are gaining recognition […]

Direct sales processes are not sufficient to secure valuable alliance sales.  the reason is that they are not collaborative from the outset.  There is always a buyer and a seller in traditional sales models whereas in alliance sales the two parties are typically collaborating (Sell With) to sell to joint customers or clients. Typically organisations […]