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Many, many alliance executives that we speak to express their frustration at the performance levels of their alliances.  They are convinced that the alliance should be performing better but they are not quite sure how. The issue is a common one that we see often at Alliance Best Practice Ltd.  To deal with this situation […]

Commercial Technical Strategic Cultural Operational Co1 Business Value Proposition (BVP)Co2 Due Diligence Co3 Optimum Legal / Business Structure Co4 Alliance Audit Co5 Key metrics Co6 Alliance reward system Co7 Commercial cost Co8 Commercial benefit Co9 Process for negotiation Co10 Expected Cost value ratio T11 Valuation of assetsT12 Partner company market position T13 Host company market […]

Do you know how to maximise the commercial value of your strategic alliances? In essence its a simple three step process as follows: Where are we now? – Find out how your alliance rates in best practice terms by answering the Alliance Best Practice Questionnaire here: http://www.alliancebestpractice.co.uk/questionnaire/ (You need to know where you are starting […]

I have conversations virtually every day with Alliance Vice Presidents struggling with the question ‘How do I optimise my alliance relationships?’ The first and most obvious reason that they struggle is that there is no clear definition of ‘optimisation’ in the context of business to business alliance relationships. Optimise for whom? One side or the […]

Minutes of the Meeting Held on 16th March 2016 Present: Mike Nevin, Ted Colton, Barry Perkins, Wendy Corley, Debra Reabock, Charles Withrow, Eric Moss, Cindy Kennaugh, Julie McSweeney Apologies: Scott Safe Issues Discussed   Agreement of those involved – The following people have declared their interest in being involved in this initiative: Mike Nevin, Ted Colton, Barry Perkins, Wendy Corley, Debra Reabock, Charles Withrow, Eric […]

Introduction Strategic collaborations have existed for many years; some have been formal, others less so.  However, the surge in the number of alliances formed in the last 5 years appears to owe much to the outsourcing trend which has seen companies seek to reduce internal costs (usually by reducing owned resources) whilst at the same […]

Some years ago (probably around 2007) I was talking to an executive in one of my clients (IBM) and he told me they were going to tackle the thorny subject of alliance metrics. We’ve had enough of this double counting nonsense, once and for all we are going to find out how much actual hard […]

I was having an interesting conversation with an alliance executive yesterday. During the conversation I raised the question of an alliance sales system or methodology that her company could follow to increase alliance sales. Her response was: ‘Oh that’s OK Mike we use ABC Company (a well known sales training company). The conversation highlighted a […]

Commonality in business to business alliances is a good thing. Imagine for a second what would happen if you had the following in your alliances: A common understanding of the current situation, challenges and opportunities facing both / all parties to the alliance. Common agreement as to where both sides need to go to achieve […]

This article answers the following questions: Why is this topic important now? What is the difference between an alliance sale and other forms of sales? What is a working definition of an alliance sale and why is it important to be clear on an organisational definition? What are some examples of successful alliance sales? How […]