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The Oxford English Dictionary defines a myth as ‘a widely held but false idea’. There are a number of alliance myths or misconceptions that are holding back alliance professionals and hindering their collaboration efforts. Some of the more common ones I have found are discussed below. Myth #1 – Collaboration is an Unnatural Act This point of view […]

Research from Alliance Best Practice conducted over the last 12 years has identified a set of factors which are ‘statistically significant’ in successful strategic alliances.  A result is considered statistically significant not because it is important or meaningful, but because it has been predicted as unlikely to have occurred by chance alone. In other words those […]

I had a really interesting conversation recently with Pallab Deb (Global Head of Alliances Wipro) in which he posed the question: ‘Should Alliance Departments have full profit and loss responsibility.  His reasoning was as follows: “Cloud is changing the very fabric of product and service delivery. The dis-intermediation of the channel is underway as service […]

Alliance Best Practice is a strategic alliance research consultancy based in the United Kingdom.  Its partners are a group of independent alliance experts who each specialise in some aspect of strategic alliance formation or management.  Its goal is to increase the knowledge and subsequent adoption of proven alliance best practice principles.  To support it in […]