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About Us

On average we increase the commercial value of alliances between 250% and 650% for our clients within 18 months.

Alliance Best Practice (ABP) is a research amd benchmarking consultancy based in the United Kingdom. The sole focus of the organisation is to help clients generate more value from their strategic alliance relationships through the discovery, dissemination and delivery of alliance best practices. Our consultants and associates are a group of international independent experts who each specialise in some aspect of strategic alliance formation, management or optimisation.

The firm is founded on 52 Common Success Factors (CSFs) that have been statistically proven to contribute to alliance success (Best Practices).

Our goal is to increase the knowledge and subsequent adoption of proven best practice principles to help our clients optimise their alliance relationships.

The organisation’s unique offering is a world class database of over 200,000 observations of alliance best practices in action generated from examining in depth over 600 strategic alliance relationships in the last 14 years.

ABP associates offer keynote presentations, training or executive education sessions and will also work on client specific pieces of alliance research by prior agreement.

If you would like to contact any ABP associate you may do so by contacting info@alliancebestpractice.com


Partners / Associates

Louis Geller

louisLouis has held; Managing Director, General Manager, Sales Director, Delivery Director and Strategic Alliances Director through a highly successful career spanning over 30 years
He has worked for some of the world’s largest IT organisations; HP and Microsoft being two examples, through to the other end of the spectrum when staring up his own business, which initially consisted of a phone in a room.

In nearly all of his senior roles he found complex cumbersome systems and over engineered processes that ultimately added no value to the customer or partner engagement and just became a box ticking exercise.

As a result he has started to advise and guide small businesses and help them implement simple documented processes, branded as the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principles that quickly bring rigor, control and best practice across; projects, sales, alliances and people management.


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Ken Wilson
An entrepreneurial and determined achiever, with extensive Leadership and Management experience initially as an IT Manager in British Airways before moving towards Business Development growing several IT Services companies. This included founding Pink Elephant UK, steering it to success and acquisition. After 17 years I assumed VP positions with CA Technologies, Capita G2G3 and Cherwell Software focusing on EMEA Alliances and successfully building Alliance Strategy Programs adhering to Alliance Best Practice.


Kathie Osborne
Strategic Alliances Specialist – Kathie Osborne
Kathie’s career has spanned VP level and Interim roles in Sales, Alliances & Channels, Business Development and broad B2B Marketing across such technology companies as IBM, Oracle, BT Global Service, Tata Communications and a number of smaller SaaS vendors.
Her specialities include: strategic alliances, routes-to-market, partner recruitment, partner and affiliate programmes/frameworks, and implementing channels/alliance strategic plans and programmes for technology companies.